Artist Bios

Learn more about our Paint N’ Party Host Artists:

Adeline Boyd

Adeline has been a resident of Fort St. John for 25 years. She immigrated here with her family from Sabah, Malaysia to reunite with her brother. Adeline started her painting career as a young child. She remembers using her bedroom walls as her first canvas. Adeline loves to create and is excited to share her passion of painting with you all. “Painting makes me happy”.

Amy Gothard

Amy is a visual artist and musician currently living in Fort St. John.

She attended the Emily Carr institute of art and design and Northern Lights college.

She has worked in various mediums including: mixed media, oil, acrylics, and tattoo.

Amy believes art and fun should always be synonymous and loves helping others explore their creativity.

Arlene Watson

Arlene Watson, self-taught Watercolour artists, was born and raised in Kamloops, BC. Thoughts of the peaceful, country lifestyle strongly influence most of work. Breathing life back into an abandoned barn, or auto wreck stained with time is one of this artist’s favourite challenges. She has shown in galleries in Williams Lake, Quesnel, and Prince George where she worked as a reporter. Now a grandmother, she has decided to write and illustrate a children’s book. She is new to Dawson Creek and Paint n’ Party is the perfect chance to join in the fun of this fantastic community.

Deb Bowyer

Art has always been a part of Deb’s life, but it used to be just on a very casual basis.  She had done watercolour, oil painting, acrylic painting, and pencil drawing over the years as well as ceramics, scrapbooking, and card making.  She has not had any formal training, outside of the local classes that she’s attended, but she has always appreciated art and the beauty and diversity of it.
She started working more on her art when she was laid off from her “official” job in June of 2014.  She had been there for 25 years. She started her own little business called Deb’s Accidental Art, and she sells her items via her Facebook page and through local markets.
She is now a Certified Zentangle Teacher and has started doing the Paint N’ Party events for kids.  She looks forward to sharing the power of art with your children.

Garry Oker

Garry Oker, MA, is an international artist who has performed and marketed art in Asia, Germany, France, USA, and Canada. Garry has a master’s degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University and a degree in Visual Arts and Fashion Design from St. Lawrence College in Kingston where he graduated with Distinction.

Holly Ulrich

Through her work, Holly Ulrich explores making and creating for the enjoyment and embellishment of life.  

Holly has worked professionally and volunteered her time in many fields related to the Arts. Some examples include: picture framing, gallery installation, commercial paint sales, art supplies, photography, theatre & education.

Her first official exhibition was a group show at the Marion Nichol Gallery, Calgary, Alberta in 1994. Holly continues to show her work, participate in craft show and sales, and complete original pieces. The name of her company is Eva Marie Originals, lovingly named after her maternal and paternal grandmothers. 

Balancing her studio pursuits with life. Holly lives in Fort St. John, North Eastern BC, Canada with her dear husband Joe, and their darling son Nolan.

Lisa Waldon

Lisa Waldon has been living in the Peace District for over 10 years. Creating art has always been part of her life. Drawings and Acrylic paintings is what she enjoys best. Her love for nature shows up in many of her pieces. Lisa believes being creative opens the mind to taking chances, thinking outside the box, and exploring. She looks forwards to meeting and guiding you through the Paint n’ Party events.

Margot Gowans

Born and raised in Australia, Margot immigrated to Canada 17 years ago and now calls Fort St. John home. While Margot has a professional background in research; nutrition; and education, arts and crafts have always been a major source of pleasure and relaxation for her. Her interests include drawing,
painting, quilting, beading, and woodwork. As a home-schooling Mom, Margot has passed on many of her artistic interests to her own children, and now with Paint n’ Party and The Paint Place, she is enjoying sharing her love of arts and crafts with other children as well.

Samantha Wigglesworth

Samantha has been artistic and creative since the start. She was drawing at the age of five and hasn’t stopped. At nine, she talked her way into a wet-on-wet oil painting class with Donna Folk, even though she was three years to young. 

The mediums she works in are: Wet-on-wet oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Alcohol based markers, Pencil crayon, Digital art, and anything else she can get her hands on.  As of the summer of 2016, still at the age of 15, Samantha started selling her artwork on buttons and paintings she had made with her family at the local farmers market where she along with her family makes and sells balloon animals.

Samantha is really excited to share her love of painting and creating art while having fun with others. 

Shannon Pratt

Shannon’s love for nature inspired her to develop her abilities to paint 15 years ago where she focused mainly on landscape art. She finds her peace and calm in expressing herself creatively. She looks forward to guiding others to be inspired to express themselves in a fun, happy environment.

Staci Busche

Born and raised in Fort St John, Staci has been creating art for as long as she can remember. Work and life got in the way for a few years, but she recently got back into it full force. She is very excited about this opportunity, and you can check out some of her work at Staci Lynn Creations on Facebook!

Tamsyn Gregory

Ever since Tamsyn was old enough to hold a pencil she loved to create art. Over the years she has learned to you use art not only for pleasure but as a tool to cope when life gets tough.

“I am most creative when life is difficult, that’s when I pull inward and that’s where I find the best creativity. I use the pain and I paint my escape. Most of the time emotions I wasn’t even aware I was experiencing will come out on canvas.”

Tamsyn grew up in Fort St John BC from the time she was a two week old baby but she was born in Victoria BC. She is a singlemother of two and hopes in sharing her art that she will inspire not only her children but others as well.

“It’s not easy to express and then share your innermost private feelings and emotions.
But Everyone is an artist, whether they know
It yet Or not.”

Tanya Grega

With an art background that goes way back (like when drawing on driveways and painting with Microsoft Paint was cool) Tanya has created for as long as she can remember… She thinks she may have been born with a crayon in her hand. For her, It is all about experimentation and hoping for the best with your eyes closed. Do NOT worry though, she knows exactly what she is doing; Tanya has thorough experience with almost all art forms and mediums: like painting, air brushing, drawing and photography. She has grown up in the northern region of Canada… this allowed for many months of warm in the house time to do art!
Tanya is looking forward to painting, creating with you all!